One and two speed reels

The "multiple disk" clutch with double adjustement ensures maximum sensitivity and accuracy in conditions of extreme heat and humidity. The handle may be quickly and simply assembled by hand and requires no tools. The on-off click comand connects the alarm. The preset drag is a pre-adjustement of the clutch which defines the work "range" of the clutch itself.

Each model is characterized by a single Identification code which ensures complete service and warranty. The original, simple and immediate spool change system allows the line to be easily substituted. Its light alloy and stainless steel construction guarantees total corrosion resistance. The wearproof and scratchproof finishing treatment (hard oxidation with a 50 micron thickness) of the spool remains unaffected even under the most severe conditions.


The new "Duel System" automatic 2-speed gear box is instantaneous; to shift gears simply turn handle in the opposite direction.

You don't have buttons to push or handles to pull. Being sealed in an oil bath, it requires no maintenance whatsoever.


Mount the reel on the rod laying out a row with the rollers; attach firmly but do not overtighten the two s. steel clamp screws. It will be useful to put a thin rubber film between the s. steel clamp and rod handle to avoid corrosion and to reduce vibration.

Obviously the reel can also be installed after line is spooled on reel. Rod braces improve clamping on larger sizes (one brace for mod. 50L, 6/0 and 6/0 WS is included; two braces for mod. 80L, 80LWS, 9/0, 9/0 WS, 12/0 and 12/0 WS))


After anchoring the end of the line to the reel with a knot, the line can be wound on to the spool:

  • to prevent introducing line-twists the reel spool and the bulk spool have to turn in the same coil direction
  • the line has to be loaded firmly, under tension; every few layers criss-cross the line so, even under high pressure, it will not bury on the lower layers
  • fill the spool to about one-quarter of an inch from the spool lip.

The line capacities are about the same with either monofilament line or dacron.


The main purpose of the preset-drag is to set the strength of slippage of the drag System, that is:

  • with clutch lever on the "strike" position the strength of slippage has to be at 25÷30% of the line breaking load. (The measurement could be easily done using a handle spring scale)
  • with the drag lever on the "free" position the spool is free to wind. The DUEL reel provides for a clutch lever position before the free one: this position corresponds to a minimum friction of the drag, enough to avoid the line unwinding.

It is important to remember that before turning the preset knob the clutch lever has to be in free position: with the clutch lever over the strike position it is difficult to move the preset-drag in any case.


The clutch lever controls slippage load of the spool from the free position (free spool) to the full position (max load). The wide drag scale permits the precise selection of the most suitable load. A stop pin avoids the spool being accidentally released or overshooting the strike position.

In fact only by pushing the button it is possible to go over these positions (free and strike). The slippage load increases as the line unwinds. In half spooled conditions the load will double. For example on strike position the load goes from 25% to 50% of breaking line, on full position goes from 50% to 100%. For this reason the full position should be used with full spool only.


Use the click only as an alarm. Leaving the click permanently may damage it.



By simply substituting the spool a "line change" is possible:

  • move the clutch lever to free position (H)
  • take off the four screws (A)
  • remove left plate (B) : this operation may be facilitated by moving the clutch lever to strike position and back again to free position (H)
  • then go on with the spool change
  • mount the left plate (B) again with the clutch lever always in free position.



At the end of the season take off the spool (as described above) and lubricate with marine grease:

  • he ball bearing (C) and click blade (D) on the left plate
  • the click disk and bearings (E) of the spool
  • the central shaft of the reel (F)

Finally put some oil on the thrust-bearing (G). On single speed models it is possible to open the gearbox to clean and lubricate the gears. The automatic 2 speed gear, being sealed in an oil bath, does not require maintenance.




By simply substituting the spool a line change is possible. To remove the old spool and insert the new one, just remove disk B which is locked in place by the 4 screws A. "Spare spools" are available for all models.

The spool includes drag rings and springs; by changing the number of springs, you get drags to suit different lines. Then for each reel model it’s possible to have spare spools with drags set on medium, light and heavy loads.


The new drag assembly with 4 larger disks is protected by a "cassette". The new "PX30 graphite" fabric guarantees uniformity of performance under extreme heat too.

Download user's manual and parts list for “One and Two speed reels”