Two speed reels

A new big-game reel from Duel sets a higher standard for two speed reel design and efficiency. The unique design of Duel’s new two-speed enables the angler to shift from a high ratio to 1 to 1 without taking his hand from the reel’s handle.

When the angler cranks the handle forward, the reel is in high gear. When the angler reverses direction and cranks the handle backward, the reel is in low gear. This offers the fastest gear change possible and is ideal for pumping a deep-swimming fish, especially in a stand-up fashion.


2 speeds with automatic and instantaneous transmission. By simply reversing the direction of the handle, a different power ratio is engaged and therefore a different recovery speed.Clockwise, the handle gives a rapid recovery; anti-clockwise, the recovery is slow but powerful.

The mechanism is completely silent and sealed in an oil-bath. In every position the spool is always firm, without the play and the "returns" typical of other systems. The "DUEL SYSTEM" gear is patented.


The exterior is in light alloy perfectly polished and gold anodized. The spool is hard black anodized (scratch - wear - proof). The nitrited hardened steel gears are in an oil-bath and require no maintenance.

The shaft, fastenings and bearings are in stainless steel. The electrolitic insulation gaskets are in delrin. With new PX 30 graphite drag.



Is designed to be the ultimate light reel suitable for 12 lb and 20 lb line (30 lb increasing the springs of the drag).

MODEL 2.5/0
CAPACITY 20 lb x 750 yard
WEIGHT 1.40 kg 49 oz
SPEED 1st. SPEED 3.4:1/2nd. SPEED 1.5:1


A versatile performer that is suitable for line capacities from 30 lb to 50 lb, this reel is ideally suited for a wide variety of fish. It’s proven excellent for stand up fishing.

MODEL 4/0 4/0 WS
CAPACITY 30 lb x 800 yard 30 lb x 950 yard
WEIGHT 1.65 kg 58 oz 1.75 kg 61 oz
SPEED 1st. SPEED 3.4:1/2nd. SPEED 1.4:1


This medium sized model gives the maximum power to weight ratio loaded with 50 lb to 80 lb line. It’s the perfect reel for stand up fishing.

MODEL 6/0 6/0 WS
CAPACITY 50 lb x 850 yard 50 lb x 1000 yard
WEIGHT 2.05 kg 72 oz 2.20 kg 77 oz
SPEED 1st. SPEED 3.4:1/2nd. SPEED 1.4:1


When you are expecting a grueling fight against a large fish, the DUEL 9/0 is the answer. Built to accept 850 yards of standard 80 lb line, the reel is more than strong enough to handle 130 lb line.

MODEL 9/0 9/0 WS
CAPACITY 80 lb x 850 yard 80 lb x 1000 yard
WEIGHT 3.35 kg 117 oz 3.55 kg 124 oz
SPEED 1st. SPEED 3:1/2nd. SPEED 1.2:1


Wherever you find fish that stretch the limits of your imagination and your tackle you’ll want the 12/0 DUEL. No other reel in its class can match its gear box or its drag system; this reel is the one.

MODEL 12/0 12/0 WS
CAPACITY 130 lb x 850 yard 130 lb x 970 yard
WEIGHT 3.95 kg 138 oz 4.15 kg 145 oz
SPEED 1st. SPEED 3.4:1/2nd. SPEED 1.4:1