The DUEL reel is manufactured using materials and treatment which ensure the best resistance to wear in marine conditions and requires very little maintenance. After use it should be washed with fresh water (warm) to remove salt deposits and wiped with a soft cloth.

At intervals for best protection apply a light coating of oil to exposed areas and lubrificate moving parts; handle, clutch lever, stop-pin. Store the reel in a well-aired place, not in a plastic bag, to avoid condensation. The clutch lever has to be in the “free”” position to take the pressure off on various drag components and allow it to dry better.

NOTE: Any screw before reassembling will be greased to avoid corrosion of aluminium thread.


Grease will protect aluminum from corrosion (where contact with dissimilar metals occurs). It is useful to use some grease especially on stainless steel screws, threads, and stainless washers.



When ordering spare parts specify:

  • reel size
  • identification code (marked on the inox clamp N. 46)
  • key number and description (see parts list)
  • quantity of spare parts with the same key n°

In the parts list all components are indicated with their own key n°and description.

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